Stefano Semprini: ‘I do believe that classical music still has many things to say’

Born in Gorizia (Italy) to a rocker father, Stefano fell in love with the sound of the violin at eight years old, when he listened to a friend playing a typical song for children. Stefano decided to undertake the study of the violin at the Istituto di Musica with the teacher Laura Grandi.STE-DA-PICCOLO2-1024x706
With perseverance and tenacity he continued the musical studies getting a great mastery on the instrument. He got several scholarships, in particular by the Associazione Violinistica Rodolfo Lipizer. Stefano considered the study of the violin ‘a game more than fatigue’.In 2010 he graduated at the Conservatorio Musicale A. Steffani in Castelfranco Veneto.
He attended masterclasses with: Piero Toso (Padova, 2011), Crtomir Siskovic (Ars Atelier Centro internazionale di musica e arte – Gorizia, 2010), Priya Mitchell (Associazione Musicale Sergio Gaggia – Cividale, 2009), Marco  Feruglio (Ars Atelier Centro internazionale di musica e arte – Gorizia, 2009) and many others.Semprini has collaborated with Orchestra Filarmonica Alpe Adria, Orchestra Sinfonica Rome Festival, Orchestra Farra Sinfonietta, Orchestra Fil(m)armonica, Orchestra Sinfonica Tullio Serafin, Orchestra da Camera della Fondazione Musicale Città di Gorizia, Compagnia Italiana di Operette, Orchestra Filarmonica Mihail Jora di Bacau and Orchestra ArsAtelier.
He plays chamber music with: Duo Semprini-Tomassoni, Duo Dimitrijevic-Semprini, Duo Semprini-Nowicka, Ensemble Violinistico della Fondazione Musicale di Gorizia and Duo Semprini-Persoglia.He composes and teaches too.
He has written pieces for violin and piano, solo violin and solo piano so far reporting a great an excellent outcome from critics and audiences.

He was guest at Festival del Ramo d’Oro (Palazzo Cesarini-Sforza di Genzano, Roma) and performed at: Ambasciata della Repubblica Sudafricana (Roma), Palazzo Barberini (Roma), Villa Aldobrandini (Frascati), Villa d’Este (Tivoli), Scuderie Aldobrandini (Frascati) and theaters.

“I do believe that classical music still has many things to say. Nowadays classical music is old-fashioned, it is often connected with something boring to listen to. However classical music, as all kinds of music in general, shows and expresses feelings: it can be either sad and gloomy or happy and playful. My music reflects my soul and my way to face the world. Music isn’t owned by anyone. The musician has to share it with everyone, cause I compose something that is included in a precise culture and society and in a particular historical period of time. I do really need to share my music with everyone.” Stefano Semprini

Music Wall had the pleasure to meet Stefano, a great young artist: read the interview! The article deals with the new album  Essere-Composizioni per Violino e Pianoforte, available from 15th July 2014 on the main music streaming and buying operating systems.


15th July, 2014: Essere – Composizioni per Violino e Pianoforte (Origini, Noi, Cambiamenti, Instabile, Essere, Scherzo, Dialogue No. 1, Dialogue No. 2, Dialogue No. 3, Dialogue No. 4, Dialogue No. 5, Dialogue No. 6) available on Amazon, Spotify, etc.

In 2012 it was launched Due Sonate per Violino e Pianoforte: Sonata N.1 per Violino e Pianoforte – Giardini d’Infanzia (Andante/Allegro, Andante, Presto) and Sonata N.2 per Violino e Pianoforte – Riflessi (Allegro, Larghetto, Allegro), available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and scores.



Dialogo n.2 for violin and piano (2014), Dialogo n.3 for violin and piano (2013), Dialogo n.1 for violin and piano (2013), Life And Music for orchestra (2013), Instabile for violin and piano (2010), Essere for violin and piano (2010), Scherzo for violino and piano (2010), Studio da Concerto N.1 for piano (2010), Il principe delle tenebre – Studio da Concerto N.2 for piano (2010), Allucinazione – Studio da Concerto N.3 for piano (2010), Origini for violin and piano (2006-2007), Noi for violin and piano (2006-2007), Cambiamenti for violin and piano (2006-2007), Variazioni su tema di W.A.Mozart Sonata N.11 KV 331 for violin (2003), Fantasia for violino and piano (2002)

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